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Rain McManus


    • Member of The Reiki Association
    • Treasurer of the Reiki council
Rain McManus

Therapist ~ Reiki Master, Psychic Reader & Nature Lover



  • Crystal Healing
  • Tarot Readings
  • Reiki (Treasurer for the Reiki Council)


Workshops & Courses



  • Tarot reading
  • Introduction to Crystals parts 1 and 2
  • Witchcraft classes



  • Numerology
  • Palmistry
  • Astrology
  • I have known Rain for many years, she also trained with me as a Reiki Master. The first time she read my cards about ten years ago, I was really wanting to see what she had to offer as I used the cards and other modalities personally for some time. I was really surprised when she gave me some powerful insights about situations I hadn’t discussed with anybody. Now whenever I really feel I need an objective eye I ask her, but now I tell straight what the problem is and she continues to surprise me, sometimes I don’t always want to hear it , but she is always on the money.

    Tripuri Dunne Reiki Master Usui Shiki Ryoho

  • I first came to see this lovely lady Rain for my first ever tarot reading approximately 10 years ago. My friend recommended me and I have always come back ever since. I have also gone on to recommend her to my family & friends.


  • Rain has always been so down to earth, very easy to talk to and has a very special talented gift. She makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, given this can be a nervous time. Her readings are extremely accurate And are also told with compassion, empathy but always honest.

    Thank you

  • As life goes by and I see predictions/events taking place, I am left in complete awe of this wonderful amazing woman. She is an expert in this field and I wouldn’t choose anyone else to have my reading from. Completely trustworthy and on point with everything.

    Simply the best and highly recommended!!!

About Rain

Rain has a varied background, living and working in both England, the land of her mother and Ireland, the land of her father.
There has always been a common theme for her of working for the good of others, individually and within the community.
Rain has always taken an holistic approach to her work and sees people as a whole.
She currently owns a spiritual business where she travels to different events selling, running workshops and promoting her work.
At The Sanctuary as well as being a therapist and reader, Rain holds a number of workshops through the year on spiritual subjects., and also offers a ritual or spiritual experience at open days as well as displaying and selling spiritual and ethical items.
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Tarot Readings

I learned to read Tarot in 1994 while living in Ireland and have read professionally ever since. My readings are aimed to help people see through problems, crisis or stuck places in their lives.

Together we examine situations that have arisen and look at how we can move you forward into the future. I use an honest, straight forward but gentle approach to reading.

Tarot is a great tool to assist in decision making and clarifying confusing situations in life. 


I'm a Reiki Master who began my Reiki journey in 2009. I teach the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Reiki in the very traditional style that was first brought to the Western world by Mrs Takata.

Using the oral way of teaching, classes are practical and informative. When you join our Reiki family you receive continuous on-going support.

I'm the Treasurer for the Reiki Council, and the Reiki Associations Verification Officer, and have Reiki treatments as well as classes available.

Crystal Healing.

Although I have used crystals in my life since my teen years I only qualified as a crystal healer in 2012.

Having found the right teacher for me; Philip Permutt, author of The Crystal Healer, Crystals have been a huge part of my life as my shop was originally a crystal shop with a small spiritual section.

I still trade in crystals at some events including the Sanctuary events and am available for crystal healing and workshops.